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  1. 2- million shares dumped under 5 min today - thoughts on what it was?

    shrot seller?
    fund dumping the stock?
    insider selling?
    profit taking?
    jobs getting some $$$$ to launch takeover of dis?(buy DIS on open market ala kerkorian and GM???)

    it's so much fun when i can see a market maker pop-up on a stock.... :)
  2. No,
    It was time for the stock to go down,

    thats it.
  3. I see appl is selling off big time
    Is there any new or what - ???

  4. im sorry, that's bullshit.

    there was a huge sell within minutes, this is not aapl deflating, it was a market maker selling off for some reason.
  5. i really enjoyed some of the material you had - definately some perspectives i have not considered.

    how do you think the trend would react to the release of positive news from aapl?(new products, etc)
  6. Cody Willard
    Apple Customers Not Treated as Well as Investors
    2/6/2006 12:43 PM EST

    In case you're wondering, there actually is a good reason for Apple's sell off today. Nasty (and mostly accurate) write up in the New York Times about Apple's dealing with customers. I've not added any today, mainly because I did find the article a little jarring, and figure we've got some Apple backlash to deal with in the short term at least.
    Where have I heard this before: Patience.

    Position: Net long AAPL
  7. aapl's is huegely oversold waiting for a base and i'm laoding long. i had 50 leap puts on i got out of friday i ahd from the 80's but the negativiety is becoming too high here
  8. there was some huge blocks that were sold off - the news article seems like more of an excuse to sell-off then anything else. and to be frank, there is nothing on the wires, and for a times article to cause a market maker to sell-off is really a stretch.

    im pro aapl, but lately the stock has been burning me. i really would like to figure out what's going on.
  9. I think $68 look like a good base to loas some up
    Surely we can see 0.50 profit :)
    What do you,ll think
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