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  1. i lost my ass the past 4 days.

    aapl beat numbers big time and guided lower for the lext quarter due to new products being rolled out. why did the market react the way it has??
  2. AAPL was priced for perfection and didn't deliver. GOOG is the same way.

    AAPL is a wonderful company, the stock got ahead of itself and is selling off. Nothing really spectacular being offered from Apple right now other than the transition to the intel chips. The ipod is carrying Apple right now and as long as it continues to sell AAPL will do okay.

    Looks like you may have just gotten caught up in buying high in the hope of selling higher. Unfortunately the higher highs just never developed.

    Earnings season can be a bitch.

  3. i got too greedy: my basis was 74.20, was looking to exit at 86.80.....

    I will confess that I have only been an active trader for 9 months and am constantly learning. I am looking for analyst upgrades over the next week.
  4. You were a bit late to discover AAPL. The stock is up 1200% in three years. Stock is up 100% since its last breakout. Excellent earnings are already priced in to stock price.
    Today it is pinned to its strike of 80 otherwise over a quarter expect it to drop around 25%. Analyst upgrade will not matter.

  5. where did you get the 25% number from?

    I'm not long aapl, just looking for a trade - my trade goal is compounded interest.

    edit: i've been trading aapl since 45.
  6. ============
    Hint, thats a reasonable accurate earnings read & eod deal;
    '' AAPL beat numbers AND guided lower''Guided lower,went lower.

    However not likely a good uptrend like AAPL has all the apple-grapejuice squeezed out yet .

    Probabilities are not predictions=big difference.

    Could go down more than 25%; may start uptrending by then,
    50 day moving average may help you by then.For the long side, wait until he short term polar bears work it out,K-karl

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  7. at its high aapl was worth more than dell with half the earnings. what do you expect?
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    Dell is a POS. The only way they can unload their crap is through discount warehouses for 300 a pop. Yeah I would short that stock into the ground. Meanwhile, people are willing to pay a premium to own a Mac and they are one of the most loyal customers in the business.

    AAPL sold off the same reason it sold off in Oct on the earnings. Too much short term spec money playing the earnings game. When the numbers come, they have to sell. Stock sold off from 53 to 45. Within a quarter it was at 85. I would stay long AAPL.
  9. sure stay long, you might be right but the risk at this point is there. just dont forget that at the end of a run the big boys need bagholders to distribute to.
  10. ins't that what Eve told Adam once ? Hmmmm ...

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