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  1. Whats going on with this stock today?
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    Something has been going on with AAPL for some time. After its earnings report the stock has done nothing but show strenght. Even as the market has experianced distribution days it has held up. It should be expected that a breakout would attract significant buyers to the stock. As a disclaimer of sorts I am long AAPL from 44.53

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    Brandon nice trade, thanks for posting your entry price. Just got to take a look at the 1 day chart, and 1 year chart, and aapl had a real nice set up going past 44.50 with not much risk. Posting trades like that can be really educational for everybody. Well done!!
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    my first post on the board... just happened to be bearish :p

    attached is AAPL 10 year monthly chart,

    it closed the week right at the major resistance , first test should fail
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    Looks bullish
  6. AAPL made a run because of the Dell news because the traders out there figure AAPL might be gaining some market share.
  7. Well done....plausible analysis. One other point: could be some hedgie short-covering too. Friday's action was telling: every dip was bot.
    BUT.....one thought may eventually lead to it's demise however:
    the ENTIRE PC market is getting weak...consumer discretionary spending going down; corporate IT spending still controlled by the bean-counters....and "they ain't buyin anything".
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    MSFT sueing AAPL :) ??
  9. There is some story out there that claims MSFT owns the patent to the Ipod software and AAPL may owe MSFT royalties on every ipod sold.

    Not being reflected in the stock though.
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