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    The place to be, boys and girls :p

    What with W10’s dismal performance and forced upgrades, there’s another “Get a Mac” storm brewing...

    It’s gonna blow through 200 up to 250 or even 300.

    Need I remind you of what happened the last time, when Windows released Vista, and it went over like a lead ballon?

    Everyone is going to Linux or a Mac.

    There’s a good reason why analysts raised their rating yesterday.

    Awesome company.

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    Go to redhat.
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    Everyone is going to a Linux or Mac???

    I think that transition has already taken place....there is nothing game changing any longer in the PC industry, apples bread and butter is the iphone which isn't doing so well the last 2 years. And a folding smartphone for $2000 sure isn't going to be the game changer any time soon for them. There is nothing advancing in tech that's the next best thing unless you think a speaker that reminds you of your daily itineraries is the best great thing in tech haaaaaa....
  5. I actually picked up some Apr 12 $182.50 puts today on AAPL. They might go up long term, but I think they're going down short term. I'll very likely be out before the March 25th announcement though. It's free money if you're long that day.
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  8. Because. ....
    I don’t love her anymore.
    I found a new fox
    Her lips are warm while Apple’s are cold
    So I asked her to release me, let me go
    She said No but my loins were already out the door
    When the trend line broke & formed a bearish engulfing candle on 10/24/18

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  9. Pertinent history for you, Sir, that Warren Buffet totally ignored.

    (1). Fanfare on Aug. 2, 2018 celebrating TRIL $ Co = SELL signal

    (2). Supreme optimism in CROWDs including bus boys & taxi drivers = SELL

    (2b). Apple = Geater than Beatles, both > God =. SELL

    (3). Monthly trend line from Apple’s 4/30/2003 low thru’ 6/30/16 fired warning 4/30/18

    (4). Then come-d the daily exit signal mentioned in first post
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  10. What about now? You could just apply the ET indicator = ET is always on the wrong side at critical crucial junctures aka potential turning points as in 2007 top, 2009 low, 2015 top, Jan 2018 top and now Oct 2018 top (yet to be proven). Herd principles apply to this forum like you can’t imagine. You could get rich with just this one indicator

    That’s the Sentiment Indicator. But what about Technical stuff?

    Considerable damage has been done by violating a Daily Wave Low (basics of Trend)

    Fibo grid from 1997 low to Top gives current support that halted the fall at a precise 38.2%. It don’t get no better than that. Apple, like all financial instruments follows the mechanics of the Herd brain to a T.

    Wave equality or in multiples of the Golden Ratio are also sooooooooo common but foreign to ET
    Wavelength of wave 4/30/03 to 12/31/07 exactly golden ratio-d at all time top at the magnificent 61.8%
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