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  1. $AAPL after looking at this for a bit, I think maybe this is the bottom. Chart says short, fundamentals say back up to 130. $AAPL Looks like $115 Gap fill with room to drop to $110. I am a buyer of this at $115 for short term bounce. aapl.png
  2. I think it's not the bottom. The bottom will be around 110- 115.
    What else do you have except chart?
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  3. head and shoulders formation, don't long it here
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    Chris Mac

    You got your answer.
    Better wait at least USD100 for a ST Buy if 100 holds (2012 top should become support).


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    AAPL is done for a few years.
  7. I've read many analysts on Apple. AAPL came long way from 2012 down. Analysts had been mostly wrong in Apple and often many stocks they upgraded or downgraded. Moreover, their analysis or predictions are based on various obvious information that play role like current market trend/economic numbers/perception/rumor/etc but such inputsl changes as time passes. So, if they are so right and confident than they could use their own medicine and be all billionaires and enjoying their retirement than write articles or work for some brokerage/investment companies.
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    Isn't this common knowledge?

    They suck, that's why they do what they do.

  9. And some of those useless analysts can move a stock based on their coverage and upgrade/downgrade opinions - when it comes to options I think this is problematic.

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