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  1. AAPL has some major divergence on weekly chart if you look at MACD and other indicators. Earnings comes out next week and stock has fairly good valuations as of now. PE of 8 cheaper then most stocks what does every one think ? looks attractive here in my opinion
  2. Technicals cannot predict earnings, it's an evil myth.
  3. people have been bullish on apple since 730... eventaully i'm sure they will be right again haha
  4. I would buy around 353 - the 50% retrace of the company's birth to the all-time high.
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    320-ish for a nice 100pt bounce.

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    It's in a downtrend. Wait and see.
  7. What do the good people at GS already know about the "number"? :confused: :eek: :p :D :cool:
  8. yes, it is in bearish trend again. I bought some in January after strong decline on January 24 (after strong bearish volume surge). Right now I waiting for another stronger bearish volume surge, that would mark another panic selling and possibly bottom of the downtrend for this stock. When I see it, I will buy again.
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    Apple does feel bearish now. I might buy but I’m not sure there’s enough evidence to suggest this is the bottom. Apple seems to trade a lot on sentiment, not fundamentals. I do have to agree, though the P/E ratio does make it an attractive buy.
  10. AAPL hit the bottom on April 19, 2013. yet, it is bearish again. If the market (S&P 500) continue to be bearish it may drag the AAPL further down.

    In January - June 2011, the AAPL spent about 5 months trading around $330. All long-term players who bought at that point are still in profit and many of them are still not in panic. If AAPL drops to that level and may a little bit below we going to see huge volume surges and it could be another support for a bounce up and even reversal.
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