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  1. jd7419


    aapl up 2 dollars from 4pm close, I think Cramer gonna give some crazy target tonight like 1000, stock might really move tonight.
  2. jd7419


    news is vz getting iphone from WSJ
  3. S2007S


    Why verizon is holding a "press conference" over this is beyond me, if this was any other smart phone there wouldn't be any conference they would release it and that would be it......im so sick of the damn hype, its a phone!!!! This news is old, so vz is getting to sell the iphone ooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh.....

    Cant wait to see everyone tripping over each other once again....
  4. Locutus


    "this time it will be different" but Apple has gone down every time (and there have been a few) it went up and as soon as Jobs stops being CEO or all the Hipsters find some other cool gadget to imprezz their friends with, Apple will return to a fair valuation (i.e. much much smaller than a lot of much more important tech companies). Unfortunately it's not yet that bubblicious at current value.
  5. gobar


    its the phone which everyone wants

    just like everyone wants facebook account
  6. NoDoji


    Unless something fundamentally slows their projected earnings growth, AAPL is bargain-priced at this level.
  7. Short AAPL from 339.76 avg. on the VZ rollout. 350.50 stop. 1:1 risk.
  8. ~$344 pre market...
  9. 332.20 out.
  10. whammy! Nice one :)
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