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  1. Long the Aug 40/60/80 fly from 4.40 into the conference and short a bit of vol into the report on the 20th. Looking for a touch of 260 post-report. 250.50 last.
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    This is a good chance to bracket the stock buythe high/sell the low. Stock should move about ten points on this news.
  3. Free case! Manna from Heaven! This is why I always upgrade on the 2nd iteration. I'll wait for iPhone 4 v2.
  4. Sold 10 deltas at 253.20 (delta position 26/contract). Non event on the fix.
  5. Einhorn's Greenlight Capital is long this stock. Purchased around $250.
  6. Then I should probably short more deltas in the underlying.
  7. The good news is that I am up >9 points on my hedge, the bad is that the stock is trading 244... covered the 10 deltas at 244.20. No hedge remaining. Cost basis of 3.55 per contract adjusted for hedge gain. Fly is marked 4.00 mid.
  8. <a href="http://www.socialnews.biz/tag/Apple">Apple</a> looks good. Even if the economy slows, they are still taking share from RIMM to make up for the consumer slowing down.
  9. Short 15% (contract basis) from 250.10 in shares. I am neutral at 248~ with hedge. 40/60/80 fly is 4.90 mid, up 1.35 on cost-basis.
  10. are you gonna hold this into earnings, if so what is the best case scenario?
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