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  1. If AAPL closes under 243,its going to drop quickly to the 220 area.
    When I did Adult movies,one of the cameramen had an IPod when they first came out. he told me then to buy AAPL and hold it for 10 years and i would be rich. i did'nt know what a stock was at that time. that camer man made over 400k on a very small investment.
  2. gay for pay?
  3. never...strictly girls. and by the way,i did'nt make nearly as much as a woman would.
  4. Just be honest and change your name to xporn_fluffer.
  5. it was a part of my life at one time. i am not particularly proud of it but it was something 99.999% of the population will never get to experience.
  6. Gotcha, you're not proud of it yet you discuss it in every post and it's in your handle.
  7. i discuss it because its an open forum where i am annonomous and won't be judged. its noice to open up. in the real world i am sometimes forced to hide my past.
  8. If you're not proud of it, then you must be ashamed. There's no need to be ashamed of being a porn star, even if you're a woman. The difference between you and a normal person is you did it in front of a camera.
  9. my handle should really say "xporn_actor; i was never a star.although i am recognized from time to time but most people would never give me a second look(thats a good thing). my current girlfriend loves it,then hates it,then loves it again.