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    At least they are making something tangible and useful, instead of packaging abstract financial garbage. You'd think people would appreciate that and be rooting for them.
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    It's a shame Apple is taking this route. They would sell alot more phones if they simply made them non-exclusive for phone service.
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  3. muller


    I don't like the iPad.
    What is this? An oversized iPhone? another version of Amazon's Kindle? a laptop without a cover?
    Is this thing something you pull out while on a train so you can read your digital morning paper?
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    I don't know why people hate the iPad so much yet support Amazon's efforts in trying to making a dated technological POS the ipod of book readers

    In today's do-it-all times a simple e-reader is not what people want. If people think the kindle has any chances of survival without a significant interface and capabilities overhaul is simply living in a fantasy world

    the ipad will create a new wave and a new market that was not properly exploited by the past tablet makers like Toshiba, Nokia, Sony etc

    Apple is a hardware company with a competitive advantage in making sleek gadgets that the masses want. Whether it is a first mover or second mover it will end up as the market leader
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    A test is what I'm speculating.
    First resistance 210 second 213 though
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