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    $100 holds
  2. All the iphone gains erased..incredible
  3. I bought some at 100.40, stock only today.
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    If they let it trade under par, watch out!!:D
  5. harkm


    Usually at the end of a bear market the stocks that hold up get killed at the end. It is probably time to bail on AAPL>

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  7. WTF is right I almost puked mine. Still not liking this, have a feeling jobs might die in the near future and aapl will go to 80.

    Gonna get out on any pop, was looking for 129 but now i'm not sure.
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    this is why i moved to futures (picked the wrong day to trade aapl- and stop sniffing glue...). some prick with a short position floats a rumour and i drop $10m in a heartbeat.

    rarely does anyone get in trouble for this shit. yeah, i'm pissed.
  10. Thank you. Some asshole in another thread is saying I'm an idiot to objecting to such behavior.

    If it makes you feel anybetter, it's on its way to enforcement.
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