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  1. What the hell is going on with AAPL. I made a terrible move and bought it at $170. its under $120 now. I guess I'm just looking for advice on whether i should sell and lock in losses or wait for it to increase again.

    I'm leaning towards waiting, just for the simple fact that Apple is a solid company with solid fundamentals and its stock price will eventually rise and reflect that once more.
  2. the 1 month 20MA is around 116 so if it doesnt bounce there well maybe wait for the 3month 20MA around 111 and if it doesnt there maybe the psychological 100 wil be a good support .. see you can find tones of reasons to stay in your trade .. now as it seems you were gambling just wait and see..
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    If you don't get a bounce off this trendline, dump it. If it falls through its going to continue downward. In my opinion, I think you're going to see a bump off this trendline.
  4. I'm down 50k in it and holding though in the rearview mirror I've seen how I could have sold and bot back a bunch of times and reduced my losses. Its recent low of 117.21 hasnt been lowered yet today so maybe it can only get better. I surely don't want to sell at the bottom. I don't know why I do it but I've seen how the psychological really does play a huge part in trading.
  5. Apple-AAPL volume & volatility decreases as share price near six-month low
    AAPL is recently trading down $3.22 to $118.33. AAPL call option volume of 60,675 contracts compares to put volume of 35,477 contracts. AAPL March option implied volatility of 43 is below its 26-week average of 47 according to Track Data, suggesting decreasing price movement

    AAPL: Order cuts at Asian suppliers could indicate muted Q2
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    AAPL about to break february lows.
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    AAPL Apple slides lower intraday, bringing its Feb low of 117.27 into play (117.70 -3.86) -Technical
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  10. its at 116, unbelievable. i sure hope there is some kind of bounce back. everyone makes some bad trades and i dont mind losing some money, but i dont want to sell at the bottom. however, its been steadily decreasing for a while and i still dont know what to do with it.

    i really would hate to sell and take my losses only to see it spike up the week after.
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