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  1. What happened? Didn't see any news.
  2. watching that too. Lot of vol on that steep drop. MM running stops?
    Sure had a bounce back.
  3. my newsfeed said some rumor about more options crap.

    BUT... My theory: Jobs just outted no 3G til next yr. Maybe that isn't good?

    This hit 2:05pm (news at least):

    "The chip sets are improving and I'm hoping that by the end of next year we can deliver on that, but right now, no one has figured it out," he said.

  4. hbiawos


    A lot of high fliers sold off today. Bitch slapped by BIDU, personally....rumors of secondary, profit-taking, yada, yada...yowch. Triple witching's always tough.
  5. a Gaussian fluctuation
  6. SOunds like Leopard news tommorow
  7. 9/24/2007 1:28 PM Buy_To_Open Put APV VI 25 $4.00 $10,063.74

    Time for AAPL to fade again to 135 by next month.
  8. why don't you spend that $$$ on BIDU puts ... a little more downside ...
  9. Make way for 150.
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