AAPL will hit $1,000 before Dec 31st, 2014

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  1. too many girls out there that need their iPhones and iPads to do their things.

    check out the presidential election results if you've doubts about the girl power nowadays.

    and girls hate android stuff, equally as they hate chauvinism and misogyny.

    far OTM Jan15 LEAPS are cheap, say for instance,

    AAPL Jan15 900C is trading at 20.00 ask.

    which is 400% return (minimum) if my prediction comes to fruition.
  2. anyone can make a [impulsive] prediction, so
    what are your current positions [say for instance]?

  3. I'll sell you the 900-strike touch at 38/100 ($38 pays $100 if it touches), which is a better deal than the vanilla.
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  5. Every Chinese will buy the iphone 8

    just 3 years removed from trillion dollar company.
  6. ....dude, the girl has spoken, she got her prez no problemo, it was a cake walk, now she is calling AAPL $1k....get out of the way.....
  7. all you want is available at 550

  8. how much is the 1000 strike, touch and up ones?
    vanilla trading at 20 for a potential payout of 20/100 with no cap.
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    Back to $600 but end of year and $1000 easy by then.
  10. I am wasting my time here (big surprise).
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