Aapl Will Break $140 July19

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bearnbull, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Just one of analysis. I have been following AAPL very close and I think she is ready to break 140 July 19 mid morning/early afternoon and hopefully stay up there. Good news from Ebay and IBM should help.:)
  2. Bang on!!!

    Even the time of the day. Too bad she's down after hours today. Stupid GOOG.:mad:
  3. Don't take this wrong, but the stat vol on AAPL suggests a high probability a 2-point daily target will be hit. It's within one sigma on daily volatility.
  4. Watch the open for Apple in the morning.... a gap down on the open will set up a potential island reversal and top. If Apple sells off tomorrow it could be a signal that a top is in place for the stock indices.
  5. Just 2 pts eh ? Perhaps your calculation is different.

    AAPL looks a bit frothy. With SP minis down almost 10 handles on the GOOG report it seems AAPL down 2-3 is likely tomorrow. Either way get your dancing shoes ready. :D

  6. Tuke


    Gotta hand it to ya....that was a pretty nice call! Time, price and everything!
  7. Nice Call
  8. Unless you got calls or wnet long does it matter? Its like guessing the lottery numbers. Doesn't mean shit unless you bought a ticket.