AAPL -what a shame

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  1. Disclaimer: sorry for another AAPL thread.

    So let's see, the market making new highs [ok NAZ is not yet] and shrugging off any and all so-called negatives; yet this POS [yes it's become a POS] is struggling to trade higher. I keep trying to catch it with a call back spread - like 3/1 or 4/1 - yet each time I need to convert/repair and turn it into a bear spread. Sometimes it's hard to knw when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

    Does anyone think it at least trades >440 today? Maybe sees >450 next week. Is this not doable?! Where did all teh sheep investors and brillant mutual fund geniuses go to! lol

    Gessus what happened to this 'bellwether" darling?!
  2. MR hasn't worked so stop trading it until it produces an outside (or any) reversal on the weekly. Android has the momentum. Users want bigger screens and the momentum will not shift even with a larger IP6. It's become a value-stock and will not hit $700 again (IMO).
  3. think microsurf and walmart.
  4. You are reading my mind!

    I just said this week would be last time I trade this one. Always do well on AMZN et.al but this one has me confused.

  5. NoBias


    How can Apple compete without lowering margins?
    So many Android players: Asus, Google-Nexus, Lenovo, etc...

    Soon to be released by Asus

  6. IMHO a clear case of the smart money getting out
    at every opportunity
  7. While we never know what tomorrow brings this is how it must be bet. In my mind this says it all -- technical and fundemental. This game, in this issue, has radically changed.

  8. good follow through today on the 438 confirmed breakdown from last week.
  9. amazing technical work there. I'm in awe.
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