AAPL - was trading in class and it jumped - what happened?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SwingOutOn5, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. It jumped like $2 in 5 minutes - wtf?

    I know Jobs was supposed to speak, but I can't see a TV - what happeneded! HURRY and tell me!
  2. they make TV"S now!
  3. no -

    5.7 billion in revenue for holiday quarter.

    it's going to par.

    aapl - killin the shorts since 2005.
  4. thanks guys - news services aren't keeping up
  5. jsmooth


    I think Jobs is suppose to speak tomorrow at some conference....speaking about the new products you can expect from aapl in the next year.
  6. nassau


    sqawkbox just had a short story saying sold several more ipods than expected 14 m vs 11
    will have first quarter of 1b etc ..very upbeat.
  7. it's heading to par right before my eyes.......

    volume is insane. shares short are 2.98% of total float at this point.

    anyone else expecting analyst upgrades over the next week?

    30-day target is 100$.
  8. simstim


    announced new imac with intel processor, supposedly 2-3x faster than imac g5, with the possible announcement later of a new mac mini with intel, they could have a huge year this, even not including ipods.
  9. Steve Jobs just announced the cure for cancer.
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