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  1. When it comes to the choice between GOOG and AAPL stock I would rather go with GOOG. WHY?

    1. Android devices are cheaper and more affordable.
    2. Google Play and Appstore have basically similar set of apps.
    3. Because of the monopolization strategy, AAPL products are not compatible with other products and it may affect his company in the future.
    4. Android OS is free, it develops very fast and there are more odds in near future most of the devices will be using this system (TV, phones, satellites, cars and etc) simply because it will not put additional cost on a producer.
    5. AAPL devices are high quality devices. You cannot even closely compare HP laptop to Apple notebook.On the other side, technology develops and less and less people expect an electronic device to work for 5-10 years, simply because most of the consumers change/update their devices within a couple of years for a more advanced ones and that is where price comes on the first place.
    6. AAPL is popular (people buy it because it is "cool"). However, Samsung Galaxy has made a strong hit on AAPL popularity with respect to a "cool" device. There will be other hits, simply because it is possible to make with Android OS and the number of companies using Android OS is increasing - with quantity comes higher odds of something new and something "cool".
    7. So far AAPL goes one step ahead of others in technology implementation and new ideas - they invest a lot into research. On the other side this is extra expenses for AAPL other company do not have. Again, technology develops and it puts competitors in narrow range when it is more and more difficult to be ahead. Number of companies using Android OS is increasing and with it comes higher odds of somebody other than AAPL come with a new "cool" idea.
    8. GOOG is more diversified company and it should better survive in the market.