AAPL upgraded by GS, $430 PT. NASDAQ to close up 9 days in a row!

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    The good old upgrade trick is what they are starting to use, saw this last week when a few big large cap stocks were upgraded, it looks like were back into that game again, I don't know how many more upgrades AAPL has left to go, but I think anyone still covering AAPL better just put their $500+ price targets on it now and get done with. AAPL at a fresh 52 week high this morning and with its stock making up 20%+ of the NDX 100 it is GUARANTEED that the NDX 100 closes yet again for the 9th straight day into the plus column, making it positive everyday in December 2010 so far!!!
    So everyone can be calm today and not worry about an downside since AAPL will lead the way to another great close on the nasdaq!

    Apple: Goldman Pounds The Table; Sets $430 Target
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    Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad in San F...

    The Apple iPad: Huge sales in 2011?

    Is Apple (AAPL), with a nearly $300 billion market cap, still a bargain?

    Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope thinks it is. He re-launched coverage of the stock for Goldman this morning, setting a Buy rating and $430 price target, while placing the stock on the firms “Americas Conviction List.”

    Writes Shope: “We believe Apple’s platform-centric business model is the secret sauce that has enabled it to quickly capture market share in new computing segments while simultaneously enjoying considerable margin leverage. Furthermore, we believe significant growth and profit opportunities for this platform still lie ahead. As a result, we expect revenue and earnings expectations to continue to trend upward, and we view the shares as attractive at current levels.”

    Shope notes that some on the Street have expressed concern about weakening margins at Apple – but he thinks the worries are overdone. “Indeed, we believe Apple’s margins have already bottomed, and we expect the company to resume its leverage-driven upside in coming quarters,” he writes.

    Shope also expects both iPad and iPhone sales to exceed expectations in 2011; he sees sales of 37.2 million iPads next year, “which could potentially made Apple one of the largest vendors in the global personal computing market,” if you include both tablets and PCs.

    AAPL this morning is up$4.09, or 1.3%, to $324.65.
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    Oh, so Goldman or a big Goldman client wants to dump their Apple shares at a nice pumped up price.