AAPL & TXN earnings after close

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    AAPL needs the iphone sales above 7.5 Million and mac sales above 2.4 million!!!!!
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    AAPL goes down..

    not sure abt txn
  3. Blockbuster numbers for AAPL and 25 point spike on the NQ. Consumers are coming back.
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  5. Not quite, and considering it's the highest weighted stock on Qs, good luck to shorts, cause it ain't looking bright.

    Granted, the markets been skyrocketing, but the same occurred in 03 as I mentioned in many earlier posts.
    And it lasted quite a while. Don't fight the tape... when will people get it?
  6. well better tell that to the trucking and rail co's who are seeing very little pickup in sales. also tlel that to the banks that have massive defaults on homes and credit cards. apples a uniqe company. txn's rev's down 20% year over year. maybe thats good
  7. lulz.
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    The consumers were always there for apple.

    The consumer is coming back for certain things, iphone sales being 7 Million+ doesnt do much for the economy and sure hell doesnt do much for the 17 million people out of work......
  9. Slam dunk.

    Company has incredible ability to generate excess cash - just incredible.
  10. Sure it does. Apart from all the future development work it funds at Apple, it has spawned a large mobile app industry, and has spurred significant investment from everybody wanting to compete in the higher-margin parts of the mobile game.
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