AAPL today

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  1. Down 3% and looking weak. What's wrong with it other than that anal-yst note on the iPhone?
  2. your first sign of trouble should have been the upgrades 2 days ago...

    secondly daily RSIs, stoch, MACD all indicated down at this time as well

    im short from 92.
  3. good play.. i think we should define some support around 84-85 zone.

    i think it could have another leg up into the 100s easily -- we just need some good economic news to get this market past its pause. santa claus rally anyone?

    otherwise, maybe my shorts will start performing.

    PS (buying otm jan puts when i go long stock)

  4. BS....Were is your ET post, with ET time stamp, confirming this trade? Any idiot can post trades after the stock has moved.
  5. hahah..
    even if he didn't make the trade, who cares. this isn't a pissing contest, is it? i made a killer trade yesterday one one thing, got wiped out on another. who cares.
  6. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=AAPL&p=W&b=1&g=0&id=p98225395984

    Short now and cover in June.

    Last two Decembers has emerged a predictable pattern. It appears that the price runs from June to December and then pulls back after that into the summer.

    Suspected recession next year or growth pullback.

    Price will revist 50s during summer.
  7. july 80 puts ... how bout that?

    pretty much has 'stop loss' built in.
  8. What is your point? Could you post more clearly?
  9. the point is he doesn't need to prove his call .. and even if did, it wouldn't make him appear any more of a genius for making it, since these things often occur with as much predictability as the wind.

    I caught GLH (tobacco company) before everybody else and bought at 79.00, took $8.00 profit in a very short time... also caught the entire move of bidu today in an existing short position, and traded (from the long side) hedged calls on top of it during the last two days and didn't lose a thing, despite IV collapsing a little.

    on the other hand, i got slaughtered in a natural gas long position last week (blame the weather, right?).

    am I a trading genius? no. so neither is he for making a TA call. but regardless, lets give props for a good trade. otherwise, we're not doing anything but cutting eachother down on every decent play.
  10. And what does this have to do with AAPL?
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