AAPL to hold 530 support area?

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  1. 530 support area pretty strong, we'll need to see if this holds for a possible entry area.

    CURRENT PRICE 533.25, at support, 529.7 ± 7.94, type triple, strength 10

    RESISTANCE ABOVE +2.3% at 545.3 ± 8.18, type single, strength 8
    +6.5% at 567.8 ± 8.52, type triple+, strength 10
    +8.7% at 579.7 ± 8.7, type triple, strength 10
    +14% at 607.7 ± 9.12, type double, strength 8

  2. Daring


    Most major bottoms got a second test.

    Whether the second test is higher or lower is not important, but most are not V like.
  3. head and shoulders formation, its not looking good.
  4. Cool chart.
    I agree with you. That 530ish Blue Line (which goes over to the last Long Term Uptrend's Higher Low back in May) is what's important.
    All this chopping around above it is just Hedge Fund Game Playing Noise.
    If AAPL closes well below that line, or even worse breaks down through 500, the Uptrend since March 2009 will be over.
    I don't think that will happen, but I'm Mr. Perma-Bull when it comes to AAPL.
    It's totally up to Mr. Market (who can be quite the Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive Nutcase!) to decide.
  5. cool chart is from http://www.stockconsultant.com
  6. i think especially with aapl, you have severe risk from profit taking, especially near the end of the year. at the first sign of market weakness, aapl will be hit much harder than everything else.
  7. AAPL is a sell.

    months late, you see it is under 500 and struggling.

    tax selling because of fiscal cliff, plus lots of competitors. aapl's product quickly lose favor.

    FB is a buy
  8. AAPL is getting sold because Steve Jobs are no longer there The Iphone 5 was the last " cool thing" and now that its out, there is no cool innovative product that will sell millions. The new TV could be cool but without Steve Jobs, how cool could it be and how cool could it be marketed as well as Steve Jobs?
    the hammer really began to full when the Iphone 5 had map issues. one analysts said "Steve Jobs never would of let that happen". i believe thats true. we will get some nice, oversold bounces and even some analysts raising targets but my guess( only a guess) is that without Steve Jobs' creativity and ability to deliver and market better than anyone, Apple has lost some of its edge .
  9. We got a lot of really smart guys on here... and they can predict the future!

    I always wanted to predict the future ! What class did you guys take to develop that skill? LOL

  10. I agree that the loss of Jobs was the death knell of AAPL

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