AAPL slippage

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ts888, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. ts888


    I trade futures but have a question for a friend......

    he is daytrading AAPL in 100 share lots using TradeStation software and brokerage. On his stop losses (loss or trailing for profit) he keeps telling me he's getting 5-10 cents slippage.

    this does not seem right to me. Is it? On a large volume stock of AAPL once his stop level is hit, it's moving 5 to 10 additional levels before getting him out of a 100 shares which is a grain of sand in AAPL daily volume.

    is that normal? thanks.
  2. wucah


    Yes its normal. He is lucky its not more than 10 cents. In time of high volitilty can be definitly more.
  3. ts888


    ok, thanks. I figured it was possible at times but just seems like it's ALWAYS happening multiple times a day (according to him) so thought I'd ask since I don't do stocks. Thanks.
  4. It's normal and tradestation is not know for good execution.