AAPL shares are

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  1. not available to short ( IB). Oh my , are we going on the wild ride soon ?

    " We report , you decide " , LOL
  2. i do not know who the shorts are and where their conviction comes from...

    im long aapl calls and the are not moving much, even on down days. imo, the shorts are going to get their assess handed to them.
  3. some report about ipod saturation that a lot of fundamental types are believing... i agree - bad short.
  4. Its not just AAPL , Mav posted couple of days ago that QQQQ and DIA shares are not shortable too. So what is next ? Huge short squeeze or a free fall ?
  5. ^ wow - thats ridiculous - is that true?
  6. yes aapl not shortable at ib but everywere else i have accounts it is. i mean com'on aapl has 900 mil shares and few shares are shorted. ib must have made an error
  7. I see. Thanks for the info

  8. good call - last month's post was 3.3% of the shares short. we'll find out in a few days if they piled in.
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