AAPL says there WON'T be wireless IPOD:

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    AAPL Apple Computer says 'no' to wireless iPod claims - Reg Hardware (66.49 +0.04)

    Reg Hardware reports AAPL has denied claims that the co is getting ready to offer a wireless iPod - an unusual move for a co that usually refuses to comment on unannounced products. According to a report at DigiTimes, Apple Taiwan dismissed the claims of "market sources" that the Mac maker is sending staff to Asia to teach the locals how to sell the iPod's rumored wireless capabilities. Wireless is a logical evolutionary step for the iPod, but one that's attained new interest when Microsoft (MSFT) announced its Zune iPod rival. Zune is said to support Wi-Fi to allow subscribers to the player's dedicated music service to share songs. Napster subscribers can do this kind of thing already - it's a by-product of all-you-can-eat music subscription packages - but Zune may well bring a more ad hoc element to it. However, Wi-Fi is notoriously power hungry, one reason why Palm (PALM) has taken so long to build it into its smart phones. Apple may well feel the same way. In any case, there's a more useful wireless technology out there: Bluetooth, over which an iPod could stream stereo audio to a pair of wireless earphones.