AAPL price action 01/14/13

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  1. I am the first one to welcome aapl short sellers.
    I am a short seller in AAPL. I am holding 300shares (sold from 680). plus 480 put options this week, also next week for the earning surprise (big gap down there).

    I like this report. more bad news will keep flushing out.

    aapl is rotten. months ago already show lots of signs.

    sell sell, 400, 300, 200,...
  2. hajimow


    Read between the lines. Listen to what I say and if you think it makes sense do it with full force.
    We all know that AAPL is a great company and has great products. I am not talking about the sales growth or price valuation.
    It also seems that the slope of growth for AAPL will not be same as like 2 years ago and things are slowing down.
    Based on the above "facts" how do you think an already failing company like RIMM would do? I see absolutely no chance for that. Any hope for new OS and new products will be shattered into pieces soon. RIMM surged on Friday based on false hopes (that is my call). Today instead of shorting AAPL, short RIMM. I believe it will be below $5 soon but at least you can short it at this level ($13.56) and cover it at $11 in short term.
  3. But mega support at $500. I'm not shorting until I see a close below $500.
  4. Ok, I'm now interested in shorting. But things are all screwed up with the pending earnings announcement next week. Any slightest rumor and it goes running 3-4% in either direction, magnified by speculators dumping or covering.

    Trading this right now is basically rolling the dice and hoping the major manipulators are on your side of bench.
  5. Daring


    You dont short low, you short high, you cutting your returns and increasing your stops by doing this.
  6. S2007S


    Wait wait one second here, why is apple under $500, I remember hearing loud and very clear everyone scream that apple was a buy at $700+ I thought it was suppose to jump to $1000 and have the first trillion dollar market cap ever, what happened? Why is it trading under $500 and why isnt anyone jumping in now, I mean it is $200 cheaper, oh and $150 Billion+ market cap has gone bye bye..amazing to see the fools chase this stock months ago, just like fools chase the stock market, just like you will be able to buy apple again under $250 you will be able to buy the SPX under 1000, no need to chase anything in this market, with a little time and patience you can always get what you want price wise....