AAPL numbers for tonight.

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    AAPL is reporting tonight, this is the top tech stock in the NDX 100 accounting for 20% of the overall makeup. When AAPL moves so do markets. Apple loves to low ball expectations and then beat the street by a huge amount of pennies when annoucing their EPS and Revenue.

    So these are apples numbers that the street is looking for:

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    Over the last 4 quarters aapl has beat their EPS by an avg of 69.6%.

    AAPL will easily pass $4.25.

    Revenue simply $15 Billion+

    This company has to beat every prediction by these analysts or this stock will sink like a stone.
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    If apple trades a lot lower after the close it is going to be one hell of a market tomorrow.

    Near highs of the day as of 2:48pm.
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    Stock continues to move higher into the close, not one step back has this stock taken since opening up this morning.

    Trading at $252+

    I would say nearly 99% of every analyst you speak to says this stock is going up tonight after they report, its almost like guaranteed money right now.

  5. 3.52/share.
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    Let the games begin!!!!