AAPL new target $205

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  1. This is the same guy who said he doesn't expect much upside to the stock at $85-90 earlier in 07 after the iphone news introduction.

    These guys all just chase price. Look at AMZN analyst calls for evidence of this..

    I was telling everyone to buy AAPL at $85 because iphone would easily add 2bil/yr to net earnings if they sold 8mil units/yr, not to mention their AT&T kickback.

    we're ahead of ourselves.. i'm not shorting it.. and the options are outrageous.

    amzn will be more interesting.. good short, i presume.. you can't fundamentally support a doubling of stock just by selling a million or two harry potter books and online video rentals.
  2. Apple knows what is their strenghts and focusing on improving them. Not like google touching all the pieces and forgetting their own strength
  3. Now you know why they're called Pumper Jaffray.
  4. $205.00/ share is a little steep right now, but very possible. Lets just get over the first hump on the 25th of July for now. This earnings report should give us some indication of where we are heading.

    I'm very bullish myself on AAPL and holding a very large position. I'm quite certain that the numbers are better than expected and Steve Jobs has a little surprise for everybody.
  5. Munster stressed that his figure is based on the ability of Apple to sell 45 million iPhones in 2009.

    What the fuck?

    Unless the price of the iphone gets cut, a lot (which means much less profit), they're not selling 45 million iphones in 2009.
  6. I am still long a lot of the August 135 calls. Who is selling on wednesday before earnings and who is holding on thru earnings, expecting them to beat the estimates?
  7. big deal

    price targets are pointless

    as long as it goes up i'm happy
  8. I'll post on this thread on the night of July 24 if I'm holding thru earnings or not.
  9. Im long some calls too and was wondering the same thing. I fear holding and getting the GOOG disappointment, and I fear selling and getting the RIMM disappointment
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