AAPL market cap getting close to MSFT

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  1. Only 50 Billion away which would be another 50 dollar rise in apples stock price and it would be valued the same as microsoft.

    I find that a completely amazing rise from the dead.


    Jobs is a f*cking genius.
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    whats most amazing is aapl is a hardware company were fortunes can change in weeks and months. apple is worth 50% more than hpq with 1/3 the sales.at some pt in the next yr with expectations so high for apple the law of large #'s will cause a big disappointment. as it gets ever bigger and they continue blowing out earnings ests it makes the chances of continuing to blow out ests tougher. now the problem in finding that top to short is will apple hit $300 before that miss comes? the cult nature and love of apple stk makes a short tough right now
  4. I was seriously contemplating an imac mini for myself. Then I went to a place to get my pc checkout first, to save some money , and all their tech guys were sitting their making a living repairing mac books, and imacs. They told me they offered the lowest mac repair prices, but that their competitors were charging $600 just to open the imac up.

    I realized that while I would miss the mac interface and wouldnt be able to use that interesting mac iwork software, i would be ok - i got a fresh install of Windows 7 with 4 gb of kingston 1333 mhz RAM for my laptop, and its amazing compared to vista.

    Windows 7 is the MAC alternative.
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    Agree, this company has to be releasing the newest and most innovative products for years to come to continue its upward trend. No company stays on top forever, I remember when AAPL was trading in the single digits during one of the biggest tech booms in history, no one wanted to touch the damn stock or company products, now fast forward and they are number one at their game. Again blowing earnings out quarter after quarter in my opinion will become a challenge as you said, who knows what new tech product can come out and actually be huge competition to apple, nothing as of yet but that doesnt mean it wont happen. I think most of the upward trend in AAPL over the last 2 months is all ipad related, again in my opinion the ipad is like any other new tablet touching down on the market over the next 6 months, if sales start slowing towards the end of 2010 with the ipad it will be huge upset for apple since so many following the stock and company anticipate this product to be the next huge success for apple going forward.
  6. Not that aapl will crash anytime soon, but can anyone say Cisco, year 2000?

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    The large embedded base of windows and microsoft software in corp america isn't going away overnight, but it is true the movement to cloud will shake up that business model over time. Some will find msft offerings, but appearance of google docs in enterprise is definitely happening.
  8. I remember when dumb terminals and digital minis, IBM 370s,360s, made the entire market.

    Pcs and DOS were laughed at.
  9. AAPL to Doq 30???soon....
  10. Wow, they did it! AAPL worth more the MSFT.

    Unbelievable considering where they were just 10 short years ago.

    Jobs is a pretty amazing guy I would say. Not that I know him. :p
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