AAPL lowers Q2 #'s

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  2. you better wake up buddy this skies. aapl warns every qtr just like msft did in the 90's then blows them out.
  3. I'm watching execution; it's warp speed.

    I think it might sell off, though. Odd situation with their computers not selling well. These revs were ALL on the back of iPod sales (Xmas).

    iPods are getting saturated. Guidance may not be great.

    This is an odd trade in AH>
  4. Yep, they've been doing that for years.
  5. It peaked at 99.90, and it is down below 95.60 now.

    I think institutions will sell this and book the profits. I'm seeing a lot of large blocks on the sell side and small blocks on the buy side.
  6. It's hard to believe that anyone will take Apple's own guidance too seriously...this is the company that had forecast earnings that was LOWER than what the analysts came up with...then beat that number by 50%. Why don't they just give guidance of .00 EPS?
  7. Dropping to near $94.50.


    I'm telling you right now that institutions are selling this off.

    I'm seeing 6000+ blocks of AAPL sold, and 100 sized nips bought.

    This is a retail trader, late money sucker play at this point.
  8. remember rimm last earnings report, shot to 143ish in ah, then sold off the next day when the cash market opened--it was even up during pre-market--then the selling began--must be nice to exit at your own leisurely pace---don`t even have to get the best price--3 or 4 dollars a share "giveup" is no big deal for some of these players.
  9. Can someone explain to me how the afterhours trading on AAPL works ?

    I shot up to ~99 and now its down to ~ 93

    How does this affect the opening for tomorrow ?

    Sorry for my ignorance on this subject.
  10. However it closes tonight will be either a gap up or down in the morning depending on where the price is in relation to the regular close.
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