AAPL keeps selling off

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  1. why does it keep falling? Steve jobs is healthy, but having some pancreatic problems. He isn't gonna die.

    it should be 120
  2. S2007S


    AAPL is headed down with the rest of tech, like I said a thousand and one times, it doesnt matter what name you have or how strong you are no company is immune to this deep recession, AAPL IS HEADED TO $50 a share.
  3. stock_trad3r knows how stocks werk.

  4. THAT and the FACT that Jobs is gone, this stock will be 50 in no time. their stash of cash won't last very long.
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    IF Jobs was still there the stock would still be a $50 stock, I dont care how much cash they have the stock is headed down with the rest of TECH. No STOCK will be immune to this credit crisis.....
  6. last chance 2 go long b4 earnings

    will pop $10? $7?

    Apple chart is lagging RIMM, FSLR, BIDU, and GOOG
  7. Just popped $5
  8. 89..up $7

    right again werd
  9. And another $2, got out too soon...
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