AAPL Jan 2009 75.0000 Put

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  1. Potential millionaires in the making?
  2. You are supposed to Buy on rumor sell on news. Steve Jobs health has always been the rumor and the news is now out, so you are a little late.

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  3. Well duh, obviously there is no getting in now.

    I'm talking those in the "know" who loaded up today.

    7,300 contracts traded today..
  4. Those puts were never all that cheap, and didn't even get ITM at the bottom of today's AH spike. AAPL reports in seven days - this could be a hell of an entertaining ride.
  5. I bought a Jan $80 put today and a Feb. $60.

    Yes i'm a small trader, but still want to see how they do.
  6. Last trade was 4 cents. Could easily inflate to $2 or even more.
  7. I traded AAPL for about three hours after the close.

    What a ride that was.

    First I went long in the 77 range and then covered way too soon. Turned around and went short and was up a really nice amount and it continued upward. Ended up giving some back after a lot of scalping but ended up making about $350 three hours of after hours trading.

    Seems like it might be a nice trade tomorrow at the open as well
  8. What makes you think they were all "buy to open"?

    Whats the volume in calls and puts of that line been recently?
  9. Two trading sessions until opex and they're $5 OTM after the most devastating news the company could possibly release. I would *love* to see a really nasty spike downwards, but I am not hopeful and suspect the puts in question will expire worthless.
  10. dmo


    I'm also skeptical that this was insider trading. Monday and Tuesday these puts closed at an IV of 73%. Today they closed at 64%. .03 bid at .04. Not exactly characteristic of the mad rush to buy at any price you'd expect to see if this volume was generated by folks who knew something. Looks more like it was generated by sellers.
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