AAPL : Institutions driving down price today to get in cheap before MacWorld !!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jimmygold, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. I think it was obvious today what some of the institutions were doing. Manipulation to get in at cheaper prices for the ride back up next week during MacWorld. And the price depreciation today had nothing to do with the option issue. This issue is old and has been ongoing since Spring and in the grand scheme of things will not keep this incredibly strong company down.

    Watch this stock go down moderately in the next day or so as institutions get in at cheaper prices to secure their enviable positions before the big week at MacWorld starting on Monday. I would deinitely NOT wait past Friday if you want to go long and ride this for a big appreciation.

    Iam saying it right here and now. That we hit $95+ by end of next week.

    Just go look at AAPL website and you will see the plainly obvious clues that they are going to have some awesome news at MacWorld come Monday. Its spelled there right out on their home page.

    Frankly, I would have been nervous if we continued to go up the next few days. Then we would probably have sold of on the news next week.

    Cheers to the Longs. Be patient because anyone who got in below $85 will be amply rewarded next week.

    Mark my words right here on ET !!!!! :D
  2. Tums


    interesting theory, but what is your point?

  3. " Iam saying it right here and now. That we hit $95+ by end of next week. "

    Nough said !!!!!!
  4. dinoman


    First part may be right, but second part is just laughable.
  5. S2007S


    95 hmmm, maybe....it would be tough to go long AAPL only 2 weeks away from earnings. If earnings are GREAT expect 100 otherwise who knows.
  6. Look at what has happened to AAPL during the days of Macworld over the past few years. In 04 and 06 it made a 10% move and not too shabby a move in 05 either. I dont see 93 out of reach. I'll be going long monday and tuesday... selling at least half on the "news" regardless where the price goes... maybe the iPhone is priced in already, but I dont think it is.
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    With the options backdating scandal still knockin on the door, I won't put my portfolio too much on this stock. Probably a little for change money :)

    And although the PER ratio is very high for this company, everybody wanted a piece of their product so they should be doing great ;)
  8. if AAPL does not "excite" the world with some "waaay cool new products" during MACworld ... then your theory might no pan out

    good luck
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    jimmygold, aapl is a fad that has seen its better days. i am sorry to be the one to inform you.

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    Would you care to explain the mechanics
    of "driving the price down" in order to buy, and how is this profitable?
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