AAPL has shot its wad

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DeepFried, May 4, 2007.

  1. Killer earnings report, everyones' completely gaga for AAPL, the stock pops 3% and it's done. It looks like everyone who wants to buy AAPL has bought it.

    I think everyone expects it to continue to base at $100 and then move higher. That bullish sentiment also makes me wonder if it's done for now. Of course, that could be exactly what happens, it gets more buyers behind it and it goes higher. We'll see.

    What do you think?

    The Citigroup analyst downgraded it after a phenomenal earnings report. If it was downgradeable after a phenomenal earnings report, why didn't he downgrade it before earnings came out? I guess I can't blame him for getting Citi's clients out on the uptick.
  2. lwlee


    fundamentally, apple is looking good. when macs are starting to sell well, i really wouldn't want to go against the tide.

    saying it's cooked just because of a single downgrade especially when the stock is at it highs doesn't sound too smart.
  3. it has always paid off to buy aapl after good earnings, very decent odds for the trade: i would be a buyer just half position adding @lower prices if it does go lower as it did last qt. [it happened a couple of week after the run up]. -4% retracement is a mandatory buy. i am keeping an eye on a few strikes, last qt i bot day afer report and it paid off.
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    I believe it may pull back to near 95 for may option expiration.

    However I am extremely bullish on AAPL.

    The Iphone will be huge, it will have a halo effect.

    Intel is releasing the Santa Rosa laptop chipset/platform may 9th, expect an update to the entire line of macbook pros, and ibooks. Longer battery life, and better performance.

    Itunes will increasingly grow DRM free, which is what every consumer wants. This will drive further sales of the iPod.

    The appletv is 2 years ahead of its time, but its really the first set-top box that sold worth anything, and will give apple a huge advantage when designing the 2nd generation of it.

    Intel's new 45nm CPU's will come out in tandem with the release of the delayed Mac OS X 10.5 update. These will refresh the Desktop line of computers. They also will upgrade the speed and power efficiency of their notebooks, but will not cause a major refresh (Santa Rosa supports the intel 45nm chips).
  5. Totally agree... Apple is a long term buy.. it may come back down a little more but I wouldnt be surprised if its at 120+ end of the year
  6. This isn't a stock I would dream of shorting even though I'm a complete "apple is for losers who can't comprehend computers and hipsters" person. I've often thought of buying calls but just never have.

    I would think anyone betting against it is crazy.
  7. Long since mid $50
  8. long since 50 as well...
    We're going to see a big product cycle move this summer I think. Iphone and the new Leopard will come along with the hardware updates. I've used a friends beta version of the OS and it's pretty amazing. Its a great company with a decent stock. Waiting for a big ramp this summer before I start turning some into cash.