AAPL has bottomed

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  1. Been watching AAPL for some time now. It held well earlier today at 425. Prior to that, 420 was extremely strong support.

    In the past couple weeks, prices have tended to oscillate between 425 and 470.

    I just bought in at a bit over 425. A holding strategy now with a stop loss at 420 is a sound bet.

    Your max downside is about 1%, but an upside of 10% in the next two weeks is not out of question on optimism leading up to the earnings report.

    It's come down to this level a couple times already, and if it still hasn't fallen through, it probably isn't going to.

    Anybody agree/disagree?
  2. Looking at the most recent chart, if you want to get in on this play, better hurry, it's spiked since I posted this. 430 will be crossed soon. It's retracing now back to 450 so there's plenty of upside.
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    "The only thing bottom pickers get are sticky fingers"
  4. Or massive profits. Check out my posting history, this wouldn't be the first time I've been correct.

    p.s. 430 just breached as predicted, away we go....
  5. sure "away we go"


    just sitting there likes its on the toilet
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    AAPL/SPY is my selection here for some neutrality and a guess that financials and
    materials are dogs forward from here relative to aapl. I would close if it works before earnings but that's just me. 422 and 418 are levels I am watching but look out below
    these. 440 upside easy if it works. NFP tomorrow. Probably both spy and aapl up.
  7. There is no bottom!
  8. Still short from 699....will move stop to 698 on 10,000 shares



    The Samsung phone is much better!!!!

    The I-pad is worthless...

    but I do like their shuffle....for exercising.

    look for a bottom around 97.543.....give or take 0.001
  9. absolute bottom is $0.0. I know it for sure,100%.

    here is a coin flip moment. go through 419, we are going to 300ish

    if bounce, wemay goto 480. this is totally a gambling game.

    those TA guys are gambers. do coin flip.

    people need learn. the game is an intelligent game. use brain,open your eye wide, donot let"make money" blind you.

    FB hits 25support and bouce,will aapl do the same?
    FB has better arguement andfundementally sound. but aapl is not. I lost some inmy 465/460 calls. bu he,my440puts worknicely,and still won some.
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    I think we will see 350
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