Aapl, Goog, Rimm, Amzn Etc!!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. S2007S


    There is no stopping this train, amazing.

    Symbol Last Trade Change Volume Intraday Related Info
    AAPL 11:43AM ET 180.86 Up 5.70 Up 3.25% 11,029,363 Chart, Messages, Key Stats, more...
    GOOG 11:43AM ET 484.75 Up 7.21 Up 1.51% 955,457 Chart, Messages, Key Stats, more...
    RIMM 11:43AM ET 83.59 Up 0.45 Up 0.54% 4,123,594 Chart, Messages, more...
    AMZN 11:43AM ET 88.85 Up 5.29 Up 6.34% 5,110,952 Chart, Messages, Key Stats, more...
    PCLN 11:41am ET 165.77 Up 2.67 Up 1.64% 163,036 Chart, Messages, Key Stats, more...
    FSLR 11:43AM ET 145.39 Up 5.29 Up 3.78% 2,244,848 Chart, Messages, Key Stats, more...
  2. hajimow


    Today shorts puked. I call today as the end of the rally and start of a pull-back. Lets see. Something does not feel right.
  3. FB123


    Way too many bullish threads on this forum, while bears are screaming in pain. I smell some short-term capitulation.

    Too early at this point to call a short-term top with any certainty though... could still run for a few points, we'll have to see some reversal patterns on the hourly charts...
  4. adam772


    near term, market has definitely topped out.

    Not only is there no reason for the over-extended rally, the fact that bullishness is reaching extreme levels suggest that the 'people in the know' are betting against this rally and taking short positions.

    the real economy is in the dumps. the fact that the PPT has managed to prop the market means nothing.

    anyone who hasn't taken some profits yet will lose.

    puts are very cheap- i recommend you but them for protection.
  5. Mnphats


    Been watching amzn all day, wow what strength.
  6. gobar


    Dow transport index was not +ve

    Glad I am buying Dec/nov puts now. even if market goes higher from here I will not loose much...

    Market will have to come down 950 maybe by nov.

    I think market is heading down from here. GS, WFC and big financials r still not making higher highs..