AAPL gets huge DoD contract for idevices

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  1. These are custom Type-1 devices with special NSA Suite A capable hardware bolted on. The 32GB Ipad 4 Type-1 edition is 19,350 dollars each. They have a slot for the CIK (Crypto Ignition Key) and it will be 3 1/2 inches thick for the associated EMSEC/TEMPEST shielding. They will be built in the USA in a special location housed in a L-3 communications corporation building. It will be a segregated section in the building housing L3 and select Apple employees(all cleared to TS/SCI)

    Two special docking stations will be available (16,480 dollars) with CNR capabilities and legacy support for KYK-13 fill devices.
    The Army edition will operate in SINCGARS And Air force model will operate in HAVEQUICK


    650,000 special iOS ipads/iphones/ipod touches.
  2. will it play angry bird?
  3. asap


    sorry, only call of duty in these devices, according to DoD.

  4. AAPL has already joined the dark side by building in back doors that allow spying on the citizens of India. Boycott AAPL.

    Investors should see they are losing their "cool factor" with the public.

    Hack and leak documents on illegal activities wherever they occur.
  5. This is typically what happens when a company becomes too succesful...and the poster is short.

    Something tells me they aren't lying about $40 billion a quarter...yep, it's time to turn to crime because that's so much better and scalable than what they're doing now.

    The world ends when they stop making Apple's gadgets.

    Samsung stole Apple's technologies, and there is no debating that (not just because I say so but because this was the conclusion of the American Judicial System).

    As far as iTunes, that brings so much freaking money I don't know why everybody cares so much about the low margin expensive stuff and don't just ask how easy it is to have the entire music library at your disposal in addition to these gadgets losing their cool. Nah, they won't ever be uncool. Outright necessity is the iPhone5's LogMeIn app for any trader, so there's not any other way to explain its utility to me other than to say that during times where I've lost internet connectivity while trading remotely it has cost me a lot of money but it's a risk I'd take compared to glued terminal glossy eyed staring at the screen waiting for a prrk order filled audible signal at 3 in the morning.