AAPL for a one week trade?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nysegop, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. nysegop


    Check out AAPL:

    Looks like it's in for a spike. It will probably underperform week 2. So don't hold it over next weekend. Any thoughts?
  2. Hold Apple for the remainder of your natural life.

    A 1 week trade is idiotic for such an undervalued stock.
  3. corbel


    I'm very long AAPL but feel it will correct for a small length of time, in the near future

    If you want to short apple, I'd suggest dealing with options so you don't risk much...or have a very close stop loss.

    (I'm currently short Apple, with a target of 450. No stop loss since it's an option)
  4. Values are created and destroyed everyday.
  5. shfly


    I'd short it instead...stop a few pennies above the 460 area...Go long if it should close the latest earnings gap, or around the 425-430.

    Or better yet, just day-trade AAPL...

  6. Not at a 13 PE intraday and next year's forward pe below 10.

    I've written posts about how much money Apple brings in, and won't repeat here.

    Apple's revenues exceed $30 billion, and I called that their revenues would increase beyond this level several months ago.

    EPS is strong and growing, and Apple still only has 5 stores in China.

    Easily at $550 before year end. $600-700 per share is possible, too.
  7. Every person that keeps talking about shorting AAPL needs to get their head examined.

    If you want to short a tech stock, short an industry laggard like RIMM.

    MSFT and AAPL are on a tear. Those are stocks u want to go long on. Soon as this market pulls back, RIMM should continue its push down.
  8. I own Apple.
  10. Why not look at an option contract instead...
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