AAPL earnings

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  1. It is ..look at the AH

    long since 50's...

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  2. wow, aapl did well and the stock actually followed results...

    Way to go appl longs.
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  3. Wow, congrats longs as well. Whoever said 199 all over again hit the nail on the head. Too bad I'm not making shit these days.

    I need 2001 all over again...lol
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  4. Nugget


    I just made a killing..kept those 200 shares plus tiered up and got 400 more on the spike somehow..My eyes actually glitched and I thought it was going down. It took off!! They killed earnings. I had a good feeling about apple. As well, I turned around at 103.00 and shorted, but it flew up and scared me out, I got a read on it and road a 200 share short for 2 points..I am up a good amount..Hope everyone else did well. There were plenty of shorts, I feel bad for those guys.
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  5. I got long 5 95 call options at $3.40 intraday...soar baby soar!!! :)
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  6. Nugget


    Going long tomm morning..Then Watching Friday for the fade.
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  7. Thank God for nasdaq odd-lots, eh?
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  8. Im noticing on a longer term chart that when Apple gaps up a lot it tends to form a low range doji then a down day then continues its rally.

    Meaning dont expect tomorrow morning to be a great time to go long. Monday will probably be the golden day.
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  9. An APPLE a day keeps the SHORTS away !!

    Yee Haw!!
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  10. I've never seen them so bullish this stock on CNBC...

    seriously has me wondering if this thing will hit 110 tommorow.

    [just to give you an idea of my expectation, I was merely looking for a move to 100.]
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