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  1. Does anyone have opinions on AAPL earnings, they always seem to meet or beat expectations. I'm thinking about buying calls at the end of the day. I have been long the stock for a while now and am just looking to magnify my returns.
  2. Looking at how Amazon and google ran after earning I would say hold on

    The stock has been trading around 88-95 for the past 3 months and it may finally breakout today
  3. high flyers:

    So far the great earnings that were expected, fizzled: goog, yhoo, ebay

    While the earnings that had horrible expectations did great:amzn, intc

    Get the weird feeling appl will fall into the great earnings that are expected category. I'm not taking a position, but if i did .. short seems like a good candidate.
  4. Actually ebay and google were up
  5. There is no question AAPL will beat. No wonder cause they cut guidance each earnings release to keep expectations low so they can beat again next time. Question is if the guidance cut this time will be as bad as the last one. Not sure if there's still enough dumb money around to short pre-earnings after the recent bloodletting.
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    Is this the breakout that's due? I am long 400 shares. Very risky, but I am holding through earnings..
  7. And completely faded within 2 days.

    Besides Amazon, TXN did well. And not faded. TXN merely met where they previously guided down from, so I think Apple will do well with this earnings.

    Even if it sells, it probably won't stay down for more than a week, considering the iphone release.
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    theres size on both sides actually..Looks like the insider's are on the long..I sold my 400 for 20 cent profit and I am taking 200 at 95.oo even..
  9. yea I don't think you can really go wrong with apple

    just buy and hold it
  10. You'll be happy to know Im not always bearish ;)

    I got in 500 shares of apple at 94.22 this morning...I think Apples headed over 100 soon
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