AAPL earnings

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  1. Do you think they'll pull a GOOG next week and gap down AH?
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    If they gap down after hours, it's a screaming buy :D
  3. Au Contraire.
    I think this is the end of the great AAPL iPhone "era".
    I just got a Samsung Focus S smart phone and it's incredible.
    Yeah, of course, the apps are not that prolific...but give it time.
    This is one incredible device.
    Apple knew they couldn't maintain that advantage forever.
    And the time has come.
    AAPL: 350
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    iPhone demand is so high that it sparks scarcity riots.

    iPhone demand is so high that entire countries run out of the product within 10 minutes of launch.

    And the 5 isn't even out yet
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    I think they will ignore the EPS since apple always beats in that area due to under promising every quarter, however the amount of iphone and ipad sales are certainly going to be watched extremely carefully, just a slight miss in either the ipad or iphone numbers and apple could easily drop below $400 a share.
  6. Watch AAPL during the first 15 minutes in after hours trading - 4:00pm to 4:15pm EST - then if AAPL makes a big move in either direction buy QQQ options to piggy back that direction.

    AAPL options stop trading at 4:00pm but QQQ options trade till 4:15pm. AAPL = 14% of QQQ. QQQ options are cheap.
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    Apple does make up the biggest percentage of the nasdaq 100, so basically where ever apple trades tonight the NDX will follow. This is going to be an interesting earnings report and I do think APPL either trades near $450 a share or under $400!

  8. Yes ..... But the idea is to catch any further gain the next day with the QQQ options.
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    Agree, but most of the time apple will gain ever so slighty over its after hours close, meaning about 90% of the gains are usually built into the earnings right after the close.
  10. OK, OK, I was wrong on AAPL. However, I am convinced that Samsung and Windows Mobile is making strides in competing toe-to-toe with Apple. And at some point in time, the apps will catch up and the lower prices will become compelling.
    AAPL will then be under pressure.
    I love my Samsung Focus S. Can somebody tell me (other than apps), what does the iPhone 4 have that the Focus S does not have ?
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