AAPL earnings pop??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NCWoods, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. NCWoods


    After seeing Google crush earnings last week, I can't help but want to buy some calls for AAPL before the earnings report today...

    I have little experience with options, and were wondering if people were thinking the same thing??
  2. gobar


    way to expensive calls. $210 is going for $1.00

    even if aapl blows the Q it will go up 15 to 20 bucks..
  3. Hope they miss and get crushed
  4. Arnie


    The stock has already had a pretty good run here lately, so maybe those good earnings are already priced in. I think any "pop" gets sold.
  5. Spiked to 170 afterhours, then down to touch 155. Now around 157.
  6. cszulc


    It's around where it closed at 4pm today. Sucks for those who bought my $170 May covered calls at $12.20. :D
  7. Anyone catch this at $155 after hours that would have been a trade $163.00 now.
  8. Po'Folks


    Anyone catch ABK?

  9. Those long calls will be crushed tomorrow in post earnings volatility crush.. Lucy if you make out with a profit.

  10. Only the market makers and pros did the fast shuffle rest will get screwed.
    #10     Apr 23, 2008