AAPL earnings Monday

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  1. Any predictions?
  2. lwlee


    Easy one. Blowout.
  3. AAPL is forecast to report earnings of 86 cents a share in the fiscal fourth quarter, according to analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial.
  4. CNBC will inform viewers that it's the first monday since the 20 year crash that was black monday... people will realize the importance of the news events that happened in relation to the position of the earth to the sun and sell Apple down to $35. Then CNBC will buy lots of stocks and have good news on tuesday.
  5. Of course they will blow out numbers, they always give low ball estimates to analysts so they can easily clear over the low bar. Its a rigged game which is very obvious to see.
  6. Mup


    It doesn't matter what they come out with :(..

    Da Boyz are in sell mode due to fund redemption orders...:)
  7. akeyla


    True. They do this every quarter but lo and behold the street (I call them the manipulators) ignore the low estimates and go by the blow out numbers achieved due to the low estimates given in the prior quarter. Then some flimsy excuses are given for the stock going up like Mac sales were better than expected, Ipod sales did not go down as much as expected and other BS. The Iphone will now come into play with its own s--t.
  8. One thing is certain -- the next two days are very decisive ... And Apple's earnings last Q were the top before the correction started.

    So if history repeats itself in more ways than one, tommorow is a day to be short.

    In other words, be long.

  9. akeyla


    I'll guarantee one thing. Whichever direction the stock moves, if and when you get in it will reverse and go the opposite direction, since the same thieves are sitting on the bid and the ask. You may get away with 100 shares but try 1000 and they've got you by the balls. They'll keep moving in the opposite direction until you unload for a huge loss and then magically the stock will reverse and head in the other direction. If they don't get you after hours they'll get you the next day.
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    AAPLE needs to blow the numbers away,to justify the high price. I think they will - I'm also expecting a stock split announcement.. This could drive this puppy home.. But if number are good but not exceptional better watch out. this boy will fall fast and hard.
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