AAPL - Earnings - Bought 350 calls

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  1. As goes GOOG, so goes AAPL? :confused: :eek:
  2. I was in a Mac store today, and as usual it was packed. ipad 2 is a good seller.

  3. jokepie


    unless pure speculation, I will collect the 30% profit NOW on this bounce.
  4. Was anybody actually buying anything or was it merely a bunch of people "gushing" about the virtue of Apple products? :confused: :p
  5. donnap


    And you post the trade when the contract is about $1.00. Your credibility is shot.

    You change a trade and now you post one with a 30% gain. Waste of time fubar.
  6. I don't know what the OP bought, but the yahoo page says they expire on 4/20.

    Edit: Probably Yahoo is messed up.

  7. They are the weekly options, last trading day is Friday, April 22. I don't know were Yahoo gets April 20 from.
  8. ff, how much money did you made on your sbux average downs? was it 1000% or 10000%?
  9. Closed Friday.
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