AAPL earnings after the close

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    A miss = $75

    Beat = $105-$110.

    I remember last week cramer talking about AAPL and that it was going to $110, oooops. Maybe tonight he will catch a break.

    Aside from that, I think AAPL is headed down lower, even if they beat there is no way AAPL will be able to weather the downturn in this economy, I really think AAPL could drop as low as $50-$60 a share over the next 6-12 months. I dont think any tech stock will be able to keep up in this recession.

    6-12 months price Target on AAPL:

  2. If AAPL is selling for $60 a year from now, that will put it at less than 2x cash. Would love to load the truck at those levels but I don't see how a stock representing a ginormous mountain of cash (and 0 debt) gets that cheap in a Cash Is King economic environment.
  3. You should add your current position to the stocks mentioned to all your posts. Let me guess. No position in AAPL but a very 'big conviction' right?
  4. Its earnings look possibly okay, but the overall economic downturn look pretty bad. It is pushing a cheaper computer that could hook people. The economy is not necessarily in a recession yet. Main street has not been hurt yet by the economy and I feel they will be able to divert most of the problems that the media is displaying. The economic indicators are actually showing more promise than what is heard.
  5. it will drop to 85.
  6. its gonna surge. Sold off for no good reason.
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    Yep no good reason....


    If it jumps back to $100+ sell sell sell because its headed to $85 in the short term and $50-$60 over the next 12 months.
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    Just beat earnings. $1.26/share on $7.9b revenue.

    Trading halted til 5pm EST. No position.
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    and lowered guidance and eps going forward
  10. Expected to open higher. 10 point upside. QQQQ to surge, too.
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