AAPL crash, sweet

Discussion in 'Options' started by trader198, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. those 0.03 options worth more than millions now

    600 --> 550--->


    wall street game: pump and dump
  2. that is what I expect, this baby is nice.

    topped, after the earning, we will be at 500.

    qqq will be at 63~65, bought some 67 next week put
    lots of put 590 this morning, almost 5.5 fold gain, in at 2.3.

    bye bye 600
  3. out 80% of my bet on 590 put, will let another 20% ride to the end of day, let's see what those locals do?

    560? that will be terriblle good
  4. The second Apple's top line +$15bil comes, you should get out of those.
  5. I just sit and watch those guys keep giving me money, I am frozen.

    some one is so nice, thanks Mr.Market. I do not gamle on earning. next week options is expensive, no need to give money to the market.

    I need ride the most of it

  6. get out your long as soon as possible, anything great is just a pozzie scam.

    when I start to trade, i often I buy darling, paricularly when I look at those charts, o man, if I bought at that price, i will make a killing, all those nice charts are actually trappers.

    you need have a nerve to go with those locals, they are pretty good at pozzie scam

    even my 575 put now generated nice muliti

    pump and dump

    after the earning, huge dump, and those who bought here will be trapped
  7. are you high
  8. sorry, I let my emotions out.

    I got out all my bets around 572, just a wonderful day.

    have a nice weekend
  9. What is a pozzie scam?
  10. It's like a fonzie scheme.
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