AAPL contrarian play

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  1. He's a trade that's setting up:

    AAPL will debut its I-phone on June 29th, that's a week from today.

    my call:short AAPL stock at around 9:41AM that morning.Looking for it to trade below 100 in maybe 6 weeks from June 29.

    buy the rumor, sell the news.

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    I looked at AAPL and I think the product sucks...I have 3 ipods in my drawer but now I use my cellphone instead. The problem is I don't know when the correction will come so you need to have strong hands. DE Shaw is one of the biggest holders of AAPL.
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    the longest the correction would last would be a few weeks IMO, since AAPL has earnings in a few weeks and how many consecutive quarters have they beat estimates?
  4. got some information today about this phone and its release time.

    its being released at 3PM EST not 3AM EST as I previously thought, so Im moving the entry time for our trade to 251PM EST on Friday the 29th from 941AM.

    as I said previously target is $100 in less than six weeks.After it reaches that (which it will), I will re-evaluate to see if $90 is worth holding for.


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  5. AAPL is up today in a down market.Timing is crucial on this trade, which is why I posted an exact time for entry this friday-251PM EST.For those of you opening large postions- lets say 100,000 or more, just start selling in chunks at 251PM up until your position is established.

    Im not really an option trader, but the July 110 puts selling for 1.16 look attractive.Also the Aug 110s look good at 3.30.

  6. Im going to attempt to blow the roof off the place with this trade tomorrow.

    looking for a 100% return on both the option positions (trade to be opened tomorrow).

    looking for significant profits in the short position (trade will be opened at 251PM EST)

    I encourage everone to get out of unproductive and/or stagnant positions in the morning and go in full force short APPL long APPL puts tomorrow at 251PM.

    sell 10,000 100,000 or more shares.whatever you can afford.

    you will be rewarded.

  7. update (for my fans):

    1)everything is playing right into our hands.I couldn't have scripted it better.Huge hype, higher opening on the morning of the i-phone release.Lets hope it rolls up a few more points before our positons are opened this afternoon.

    2)speaking of opening our positions,I made a mistake.The mistake was due to a lack of information.I had read an article from Cali that said the phone would go on sale 6PM local time.So that means 3PM here on the east coast right?WRONG!Found out this morning it goes on sale 6PM in all 4 time zones.Seeing that the markets are closed at that time I will maintain 251PM EST as the time to open up positions.This will give those people trading huge amounts of stock (lets say 100,000 shares plus)ample time to establish a position before the weekend.

    3)there is a good chance we will see a gap-down open in AAPL monday, so make sure you are completely in before leaving for the weekend.

    I'll be posting later on and at 251PM of course.

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    Don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I live in South Dakota and the IPhone won't even work here since we don't have cell service with AT&T. In order to use the IPhone here it'll have to roam off of AllTel towers which only gives you voice but none of the bells and whistles. I'm not sure they'll even sell them here in the state. I'm guessing this scenario would be true for most of the states around us as well.
  9. update:

    everything's going according to plan.Im a little disappointed about the weak market which is keeping this thing down a bit.In a strong market it would be above 125.

    Anyway,its going to be a good entry at 123 if it stays here til 251PM.

    Im not looking to buy the 110s anymore, but looking at the 115s instead.

  10. below 100 good luck. your gonna need it
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