AAPL capitulation bottom?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. AAPL?
    Nice high beta. (ka-ching!)
    Who cares.
    #21     Jan 15, 2009
  2. nice rebound ...yea this looks like a solid bottom

    down just 2%..lol
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  3. dhpar


    almost looks like the market is happy that jobs is out - insane.
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  4. oktiri, I think growing up, every one of us remembers that one guy at school who was always making smarta$$ comments to the wrong people. Occasionally he would push it too far and somebody would administer a severe beating to this hapless character. Against any rational logic, the next day this clown would be doing the same thing, mouthing off and needling people to see how far he could go.

    Now you know what happened to that guy. He is alive and well, making bold stock picks and backing them up with total BS. And you know what? The internet is the greatest invention ever for that guy. He can spout off with whatever happy-a$$ comments that pop into into his addled mind, never once worrying about being beaten like a pinata.

    No offense Stock. I gotta admit, sometimes your posts are the train wreck that I can't take my eyes off of...
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  5. According to the pre market AAPL is back to where it was b4 he stepped down. If you shorted based on this story you're a noob.
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  6. CET


    Next week will provide a truer picture for this stock. Then you'll have option related games out of the way.
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  7. Down a couple bucks. After yesterdays strong close and the gain in the futures and premarket a small rally seemed guaranteed.

    Google is holding up a lot better and is $50 off the 52 week lows. Makes me think that perhaps google is one of the most resiliant companies on the nasdaq to this mild recession.
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  8. Apple was a nice short this morning bouncing off resistance of late December lows. The next few days will be interesting. If it can say above the November lows it could have a nice pop up.
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  9. AAPL at $90

    all of this fear over Steve Jobs was nothing as predicted
    #29     Jan 26, 2009