AAPL capitulation bottom?

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  1. People like me buy Apples products, and investors that focus on Steve's health miss much of the equation. The degree that he actually affects future sales is in dispute, and investors vote with their $$$.

    Steve is obviously in for rough times, and I wish him the best. I have health issues too. The guy on the street that wants the new iPod or Macbook does not ask "how is Steve."

    People buy the product, and investors bet on the people that might buy the product.
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  2. hlu45


    I'm neither + or - on AAPL but here's my take on it:

    #1 Jobs is due back in June so AAPL is unlikely to make a major counter-market move before then. Will the market bounce from here or make a new low ? I don't know which

    #2 Re: AAPL vs DELL - I'll take AAPL
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  3. futures racing higher. Looks like this will be green tom.
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  4. The bottom wont be in for Apple for quite a while. I suspect it will see 50 before it sees 100.
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    obviously u know more about the state of his health than most people. I assume u were short apple till at least last nite.
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  6. If you were short before the close yesterday, great call. To short it today...I don't know. Fact is it looks more like a short term buy. See how that support holds up for awhile and if it can break that trend line.
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  7. up we go!
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  8. I'm trying to convince myself that you're playing a role and reveling in pissing people off, There is no way somebody would take that much abuse and humiliation both from people & facts and still dare post. Your mere existence is a contradiction to the theory of evolution.
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  9. AAPL is a great stock to own at these levels. Steve will be fine, but he willl probably become 100% insulin dependent. The cancer didn't return and many new products in the pipeline.
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    with aapl down only twice as much as S&P since yesterday's close it looks like a non event.

    but i don't agree. many people were in aapl mainly because of the visionary qualities of jobs. without him it is another big tech firm - like msft. stock price will act accordingly in due time.
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