AAPL capitulation bottom?

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  1. AAPL will most likely open lower in AH, but surge into the green (along with the futures) because of renewed investor relief that AAPL has some sort of succession plan already establied.

    Also, it is a tempporary leave of absence; he isn't quitting. He will probably return in a few months or so.
  2. dude ... jobs is the only reason aapl trades at the multiple it has ..without jobs ..aapl should have a similar multiple as dell ... Jobs is unfortunately sick ..and most likely never coming back ... i wish him well as he will be missed ...

    your calls on the overall market have been ridiculous ..if you have done your homework ..you would see that the sp is expensive at 842 ... at 842 the sp500 is trading at a 20 p/e .. the sp deserves a p/e of 12-15 ..

    and thats with forecasts of sp earnings at $42 a share ..which i believe will fall even further ...

    those are black and white numbers .. nothing to argue there ..
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    I quoted the only part of your post that is correct.
  4. Dude...where's my car...dude...you are wrong

    Apple has a higer PE ratio than Dell because it's earnings are growing at a faster rate than Dell's.
  5. aapl is a gadget maker ...and it will eventually sink to the abyss with all the other gadget makers ...

    maybe it bounces short term ... but aapl's best days are behind it ..

    what's yours say ?? " SWEEEEEEEEET " !!
  6. Stocktrad3r should realise one thing.. In business there is no sentiments.. In stock markets no emotions..

    Apple is well run and its having good operation and product team. Any company needs a leader who is visionary and able to get the best from the team.

    If steve is missing, its no big deal. But whoever gonna come to that position should be able to do the same and maintain the tempo.

    Another thing is "We are in recession". No one is ready to buy costly ipods and iphone in this market.

    And stocks are priced for future earnings which may go down for apple due to lack of retail sales.
  7. Wasn't AAPL's last quarterly report one of the BEST it has had??(absolutely blowout)........at a time AFTER we were started into the recession.........even though times are tough there are still enough people with the bucks to pay up for as many gagets as they've been able to make.....comeon everybody....all this hoopla about JOBS is a bunch of crap ! >>>>the stock falls from 200 to 85 while producing OUTSTANDING growth and results over the last year and a half while everyone claims its a "market leader" . It was just sold based off the S+P futures going down because all the automated systems buy and sell baskets of stocks based mainly on the S+P futures. Doesn't matter if its AAPL or CSCO or KNOT, or CROX you bought.......all stocks were sold indiscriminately as an asset class without any consideration of their quality,fundamentals, or financial condition......really irrelevant if aapl announces that they are releasing the greatest product ever imagined tommorrow or that JOBS died>>because no-one has paid any attention to its fundamentals c/w any other company anyway
    :eek: If JOBS woke up in the morning ten years younger and perfectly healthy would we see a big gap up in AAPL>>>NOPE, because everything is being shorted according to the futures movements.
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    I don't care about the $28 billion they have in cash, this stock will fall with the rest of the markets, AAPL could easily be under $50 a share in the 1st half of 2009.
  9. AAPL with today new H-IV coming will be in PLAY for Collars and Covered Calls.

    Go long and get some protective cushion with HIV

  10. The blow out last quarter mainly has the 3G momentum. Nothing else.. But after such blow out still it went down along with the indexes. Nobody is ready to put money in Tech in this markets.
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